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Staff Development

“Staff Developments days are ideal opportunities to share Deep Talk stories. They enable staff to talk more freely about their work and to listen more openly to each other. They can help each person to feel valued in the team, as well as perhaps hearing of struggles that some individuals may have. The story of the Precious Stone particularly resonated with people on what was most important to them.”  

Judith Gilbert (retired Mental Health Chaplain)

In Offices

“The stories were fascinating and thought provoking. They take you out of the everyday routine and refresh you, but also awaken thoughts about work. The experience brought the work group together in a pleasant way and helped to get to know different sides of our colleagues.

It can bring about deep conversation, understanding of other people’s thoughts, and an increase in the community spirit of the group and even the entire workplace.”

Siv Ilola, Daycare centre manager, Salo

In work places

“This approach is so new and so different, while simultaneously being so familiar and safe, that I believe that this method will work in almost any situation. Relationship challenges, the difficulties of parenthood, workplace problems, new work challenges, management issues, are all things with which I believe in the possibilities in using stories. The importance of the story lies in its ability to transfer the participants into a new state and gives you peace to share your thoughts.”

Dr. Kati Suomi, University lecturer in Marketing at the Turku School of Economics

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