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Re-enchanting life through stories, relationships, playfulness and openness to change

DoBeDo for all

DoBeDo is a way of action and contemplation that re-enchants life and deepens our connections.

It helps teams and individuals in the contexts of workplaces, family, education, nature, health and local communities.

It enables people of all worldviews to come together to share stories in a way that nurtures relationships, values playfulness and invites openness to change.

DoBeDo helps us find our home in a story that is big enough for us all.

What is DoBeDo?

Stories, Relationship, Playfulness, Change.

Watch our introductory story to give you a feel for the DoBeDo way.

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We need a DoBeDo atmosphere!

This DoBeDo way of doing and being is about being human and about being kind. The approach is simple and nourishes our inner life in order to sustain our outer world.

We are living through a period of global disorder. People around the world are experiencing tremendous suffering, uncertainty, and disruption to their lives. Reality is being unveiled— systems of evil and injustice are being seen in greater clarity, and our collective “normal” has been radically upended. Walking through this chaos and despair can be difficult; but, ultimately, it is when everything seems adrift that the spiritual journey becomes both an anchor and a sail, leading us into greater love [1]. DoBeDo is a holistic approach to that journey for people of all worldviews, helping us read our story alongside other people’s, and make a better home in the story of humankind.

Our way of working

DoBeDo as an organisation reflects the DoBeDo values. DoBeDo as an organisation is just people who are collaborating together on the Facebook group, with values inspired by a Teal way of organising, as described by Frederic Laloux in his book “Reinventing Organisations”.

A Teal organisation is defined by the three following ideas:

  1. self-management suggests a system based on peer relationships with no need for hierarchy, consensus, nor central command and control;

  2. wholeness is about enabling people to present their full personas rather than just their work personas;

  3. evolutionary purpose is the idea to follow the natural evolution of how the organization grows

The paradigm is that an organisation is similar to an organism in that the inner biology of the organism operates autonomously to sustain its health. This includes adapting to change, enabling people to bring all their skills to the organisation and to do so without direct leadership. This website will reflect the emerging ideas from the DoBeDo community.


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