The DoBeDo Way

The DoBeDo way creates a space for people to engage with and respond to stories with playfulness. A playful curiosity energises our engagement with each story, whether familiar or new to us, and a space for an open and creative response creates an opportunity for new ideas to be birthed.


The DoBeDo way of being and doing is playful! Play is :

  • self-chosen

  • self-directed

  • about process more than product

  • creative

  • imaginative

  • something we follow

  • enjoyable

Open questions

We wonder about the story together, remaining alert to our feelings, noticing whenever we sense anything strongly, whether positive or negative, which points us towards what the story has to teach us that day.

  • I wonder what I liked about that?

  • What was uncomfortable?

  • Where am I in this?

  • What is my work to do?

  • Is this good enough?

  • I wonder….

Responding with playfulness

Responses to the story may take the form of words, or we may respond with silence or in non-verbal ways

  • drawing or painting

  • playing in sand

  • writing

  • talking

  • building with blocks

  • walking or dancing

Whatever form it takes, our response helps us take the story in deeper and gives it a chance to do its work in us in our inner lives and the life of our community.

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