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Spiritual accompaniment

“Stories can be used in spiritual accompaniment- one to one and in small groups. We find that we accompany each other and that the answers are within us … playing enables us to discover them for ourselves. We use stories in order to choose the new stories that we want to be part of. It’s transformative!”

Kathryn Lord (spiritual accompanier)


Contemplation is self directed evolution. It gives us the ability to see nature as the reality that it is, beyond the perspectives of the intellectual mind.

Sand play

“The space was held for me each week with care and love to enable me to safely explore my situation and what I was feeling about it. I chose objects and played with them in the sand and - with no pressure - simply followed where it lead me. Exploring in this playful way enabled me to process what was going on in my life and to choose a new way of looking at things and behaving. It helped me to rewrite my story and was part of the transformation of my life.”



“The simplicity of Deep Talk stories and their openness allowed patients (and staff when invited to offer a session on their development days) to discover matters that were often not immediately available to them on a conscious level. Taking the story of The Donkey, for instance, allowed many people to examine the blocks in their lives, things that might be holding them back, how they might find answers and so on. Storytelling together with deep listening and valuing the other, allow people to see their lives afresh and sometimes to begin to make changes for themselves.”


People have made pilgrimage across countless geographies, cultures and eras. To turn a walk into a pilgrimage, at the beginning set your private ‘intention’ – dedicate your journey to something that you want help with, or for which you want to give thanks.

Pilgrimage is for everyone, promoting holistic wellbeing via pilgrim practices and connecting you with yourself, others, nature and everything beyond.

Brain Pickings

Maria Popova created the website Brain Pickings. This offers a wealth of information that provides stimulation for both the heart and head.

Personal Circle of Care

The Seven Homecomings

The Seven Homecomings, a practice taught by Tibetan Buddhist Lama Rod Owens, invite us to recognize and honor our own personal “circle of care.”


”Yoga means union, coming home to the oneness, the connection of the individual soul to the cosmic soul. I teach with the understanding of the hero’s journey, the ultimate story that resonates across cultures ~ the journey of self discovery.

Through yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation, I tell stories to move the body and mind to encourage you to begin your hero’s journey and be fully present in your story.”

Kay Hudson, Yoga teacher

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