The DoBeDo Way

Relationships are at the heart of DoBeDo, because they:

  • influence the atmosphere in which a story is told

  • create the trust that is needed for people to respond freely

  • are fundamental to our sense of connection

The DoBeDo atmosphere is:

  • peaceful, welcoming and kind

  • joyful and playful

  • accepting and non-judgemental

We build trust by:

  • coming together as equals. We offer the same respect to children as we do adults; to those of different cultural background as to those we consider to be like us; and to those with no qualifications or professional status as to those with the highest credentials

  • offering generosity towards each other and remaining alert to the insights we can glean from each other

  • leaving the story to do its work

The deeper we connect with people, ideas and questions of life, and the more we care about them, the fuller a person we become. We connect more deeply with:

  • ourselves and with each other

  • people and communities from other times, places and worldviews

  • the world and perhaps the transcendent

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