The DoBeDo Way

Feeding minds….touching hearts

The primary language of the child is story and play, through which they will find their own inner wisdom and wisdom from being in community.

OutoftheBox for Schools

A multi-sensory approach, creating space for children’s curiosity One round box contains beautiful materials to share 49 stories: exploring the themes of Care, Creativity, Choice, Contentment, Courage, Community and Conflict.

The children are free to be curious using their primary languages of story and play to find their inner wisdom and the wisdom of their class.

Home Education

“Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of self-education has much in common with the DoBeDo way. It is based on enjoying a feast of stories within a loving relationship, with a deep trust in children’s eagerness to learn. I am learning to trust in the educational tools of playfulness and natural curiosity, in myself as much as in the children. It makes it much more fun for everyone!”

Kate Caroe, home educating mother of six


Telling my Worldview Story

The aim behind this series is to encourage people to share their own worldview story. The series recognises that our own worldview journey is personal and will be shaped by our own individual background, family, and cultural influences.

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