The DoBeDo Way

Respect for everything

The DoBeDo approach is unconditional positive regard - for everything in this wonderful universe

Nature Walks

A regular walk can become a time to wonder and to enjoy noticing details in nature. It can be a space for the mind to wander and solve its own problems. We can go on a daily walk, or a weekly walk to a special place, or make a special occasion out of watching the sun or the moon rise, and take time to just be.

Nature journal

Keeping a nature journal in a playful way helps us engage more closely with nature and deepen our sense of connection with the natural world.

Christian Animism

“Animism believes that everything that exists is both alive and sacred, with all things being interconnected and related: that the earth, along with each animal, plant, inert object and natural phenomena are persons (or potentially so); a community of creation requiring harmonious relationships between humans, their ancestors and wild nature, nurtured by respectful and sustainable life ways”.

Noel Moules, Christian animist

Stories of other Creatures

What about the stories that we need to hear from other creatures and the environment. How do we listen to them? How do we ensure that they honour the creatures to whom they belong? How might this help to change the lives of all creatures and the environment.

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