Religion and Faith

The DoBeDo way facilitates open and respectful dialogue between people of different faiths and worldviews and opens a space for people to be curious and to grow in their own faith.

Stories for the Soul

Wellbeing for older people including those living with dementia - through community, story and creativity. Our Church at Home offers resources for Christian festivals and themes which can be shared in a care setting, with individuals or with intergenerational family groups.

“These stories produce a very special atmosphere: at the end of the story the older people shared thoughts about their spiritual life and how they were feeling.”

Activities Coordinator in a Care setting

OutoftheBox for Faith

OutoftheBox can be used to explore religious stories from any faith. A safe space is created where the story is shared and people are invited to wonder what they liked, what they didn’t like and where they might be in the story. This is an adaptation of the Godly Play™ approach.

Deep Talk

Although developed for a secular setting, religious stories can be explored in the sand and it can be used for faith nurture (for any faith). Deep Talk works with children, adults and in mixed age settings. It is described by Jerome Berryman as a "perceptive adaptation of Godly Play™."

Christian Animism

“Animism believes that everything that exists is both alive and sacred, with all things being interconnected and related: that the earth, along with each animal, plant, inert object and natural phenomena are persons (or potentially so); a community of creation requiring harmonious relationships between humans, their ancestors and wild nature, nurtured by respectful and sustainable life ways”.

Noel Moules, Christian animist

Contemplative Fire

Contemplative Fire is a dispersed community of Christ at the edge, inviting us into transformative awareness.

“Being part of the community of Contemplative Fire is enabling me to share my story with the stories of others as we journey together within the story that holds us all”.

Companion of Contemplative Fire

Center for Action and Contemplation

Richard Rohr teaches wisdom found within the Christian contemplative traditions while also incorporating the universal truths found within all sacred paths that point to our common human longing for union with divine love and with each other. His teaching appeals to a vast audience—from current and former Catholics, Anglicans, Evangelicals, and mainstream Protestants, to “spiritual but not religious,” to Buddhists, to agnostics—all around the world.

Time to Wonder

For those involved in teaching Religion and Worldviews in all Key Stages, this book shows how reflective storytelling can provide meaningful experiential engagement with stories from Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and a non-religious worldview. The author, Katherine Taylor, offers training.

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