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“This way of sharing stories is a fantastic initiative which encourages us to explore our inner thoughts and emotions in a constructive way. It has helped us take a step back from our current reality, think, process and reflect.”

Joshua Stephens, Director of Music, Steel City Choristers


“One spring night, we drove out of the city, into the countryside, and when we found a dark spot, we pulled over and went into the field by the road. We could hear the frogs chirping, and looking up, we saw the Milky Way and a bright meteor and then the Northern Lights began, dancing across the prairie sky. A coyote howled, and then another and another and soon, coyotes were howling all around us. And we just couldn’t help ourselves… we began to howl too, and I thought, this, this is God.

Exploring with a spirit of playfulness creates memories, delight and connection, and generate shared stories when we remember later. My children still talk about the night we howled with the coyotes. This is DoBeDo.”

Rondy Kyle, Edmonton, Canada

Read Alouds

Reading stories aloud gives families and communities a way of communicating and connecting across the generations, including teens. The addition of food and drink can help to create a contented DoBeDo atmosphere!

Deep Talk at home

“The girls wanted me to send you these pictures of their response to yesterday's Deep Talk. It is candy land, complete with candyfloss trees, chocolate hills with icing snow, lemonade river and gingerbread house. They would like to be there!”

Church at home

“When we went into lockdown we found we had the time and courage to explore the essence of what church on Sunday means for us as a family - to play and experiment and discover what feels authentic.”

Kate Caroe, mother

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