The DoBeDo Way

DoBeDo is about the way that we share and reflect on stories, wherever we find them. Our own stories and those of all communities have much to teach us, and as we explore them we deepen our sense of belonging in our own story, the stories of our communities and the wider story of the world.

The DoBeDo way is about being open to learning about life from beyond our usual circles. Hearing a variety of different voices is like a healthy biodiversity in our lives. Many traditions have stories that communicate values that are common to many worldviews, such as kindness, generosity, love, responsibility and truth, while other stories may challenge us.

We give the storyteller unconditional positive regard and, although we may not like or agree with all stories, we are attentive to how we feel and so learn something new about ourselves. Each story has something to teach us and we are each the master of our lives. The story is offered in that spirit of trust and exploration, with no end point in mind. By engaging our imagination, emotions and creativity, and being offered in an open and playful way, stories have the power to help us envisage and create a better future.

Stories can be:

  • read from a book or told by heart

  • improvised or read from a script

  • acted as a play or recited as poetry

  • played out by puppets or figures and objects in the sand

  • sung or danced

  • drawn or painted

  • grown or taken apart

The DoBeDo way is for all walks of life

  • offices and workplaces

  • schools and universities

  • living rooms and back gardens

  • retreat centres and holiday clubs

  • pubs and parks

  • playgroups and nursing homes

  • mental health services and hospitals

  • religious organisations

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